dodi ellis photography | Tips on What to Wear

Tips on What to Wear


Be Creative 

Go online for ideas on what styles best represent your family, are you going for a silly and candid feel, or traditional and posed?  Let’s not forget the background — where should the photos be taken?  In nature?  Your house?  At your favorite park?  On a bridge?


Plan Ahead

What do you envision as a successful array of photos?  What kind of feeling do you wish to portray?  Traditional, modern, formal, or casual?  Think about the clothes you will wear and your families style. How will every individual feel in such style of clothing, and will it affect the way you appear together in the whole picture? You may also want to keep in mind the location and season you have chosen and dress accordingly, will you take your best picture when you are shivering from the cold and your heels are sinking into the mud?



Pick a Color Scheme

What colors make you feel good?  What colors do you accent with?  Pick out 2-3 colors that complement each other.  For example, like the Winter Holiday photos shown above — burgundy and cream with denim blue or black.



Keep it Simple, but Don't Forget the Accessories!

Look at everyone’s clothing and how they look together.  We wouldn’t want to see a Dad wearing a plaid shirt and a Mom wearing a striped blouse standing together. Think of scarves, statement-style necklaces, favorite hats, and unique vests.  Avoid matching everyone in the same outfits, let your family be themselves!



Think Twice About Graphics

Kids love their character clothing, and teens might love a t-shirt with a favorite quote, but graphics in photos can be distracting or may not show up as you imagine.  So you may want to reconsider clothing with graphics, and stick to simple patterns and solid colors.