dodi ellis photography | About

I’ve been into photography since I can remember. My first camera was the Polaroid and I remember my grandma scolding me for not being effectively frugal with the film especially while we were out camping. While attending college majoring in accounting, I enjoyed participating in the photography courses as electives. I was told that I have the gift, a photographer’s eye. I was later awarded as the best photography student of the year. I had no intention of becoming a photographer as a profession but rather as a computer programmer in the accounting field. Now after 33 years, I’m semi-retired and have been enjoying photography all over again. I enjoy taking pictures of, whether it be babies, children, people, animals or interesting objects, perspectives, or even spontaneities. Capturing real, special moments, making them timeless is what makes photography in life meaningful and beautiful. Life is too precious and it passes too quickly!